Transforming Tattoo Studio Spaces with Mandala Murals

Year Completed


Project Info


the cosmic ceiling


cisem saglam


colleen ibanez


los angeles, CA

Welcome to my world of art and spirituality, where I had the honor of collaborating with a talented tattoo artist to bring a celestial masterpiece to life. I am the artist behind the Mandala Mural Project that now adorns the ceiling of this unique tattoo studio. This is the story of how we turned a square, plant-filled room into a sacred haven for art and spiritual connection.

In a fusion of artistry and spirituality, I had the privilege of collaborating with a gifted tattoo artist to craft a celestial masterpiece within their studio. As the visionary behind the Mandala Mural Project, I undertook the transformation of a square, plant-filled room into a haven for spiritual connection through art.

The studio's unique ambiance, teeming with vibrant greenery, immediately resonated with me. Colleen, the tattoo artist, and I recognized the potential to unite our artistic visions and create something extraordinary. Our shared dream? To transform the studio's ceiling into a canvas of cosmic proportions, aligning perfectly with its square dimensions.

Drawing inspiration from the studio's atmosphere, I sketched a mandala design that bridged the gap between the greenery below and the artistic process above. As the mandala took shape, it became a reflection of the cosmos, radiating outward from the center with intricate, purposeful patterns.

The result? A captivating and soothing focal point on the ceiling that transformed the act of getting a tattoo into a holistic and spiritual experience. Our collaboration is a testament to the power of artistry in unity, turning the studio into a sanctuary where ink and art seamlessly intertwine, inspiring and connecting visitors on a profound level.